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The work shop is packed full of state of the art equipment, to help us diagnose the problem with your vehicle quickly. Finding the problem is a guessing game for many mechanics, because they usually have a very limited amount of equipment. The guessing game is what can cost you hundreds, or in some cases, thousands of Euros. So, do yourself a favour and get the problem diagnosed properly, first time around. See some of of we use to diagnose your cars problems.

Rolling Road Brake Tester.

The importance of good brakes cannot be overstated. Being able to stop quickly is sometimes the difference between life and death. This is why we have a Rolling Road Brake Tester in our garage. With its help, we can be sure that your brakes are working as they should be.

Computerised Four Wheel Alignment.

Wheels out of alignment, even by a few degrees, will hit your pocket on every journey. Causing uneven tyre wear and loss of fuel economy, it pays to get your wheels aligned. If you notice your car pulling to one side, or notice uneven tyre wear, it is a good idea to get your wheels properly aligned. Our computerised alignment get the job done properly.

Latest Diagnostic Scanners and Software.

Most garages don’t have up to date diagnostic hardware and software. There is a heavily reliance on cheap diagnostic scanners, which don’t give an accurate diagnostic. This can cost you a fortune, as it takes longer to diagnose a problem and often, parts are unnecessarily replaced, because an accurate diagnosis was not possible on the cheap code reader used. Our garage is up to date with the latest equipment and can diagnose the newest models.

Headlight Alignment.

Probably the most common NCT fail. It really pays to have your headlights aligned, before bringing your car in for the NCT. If yours have failed already, we use professional equipment to check the alignment, just as they do at your local NCT centre.

Emissions Reader.

Another very common fail is high emissions. Our garage is equipped with an emissions tester, which allows us to check the levels before and after any work carried out. Sometimes it’s not enough to change an O2 sensor, or pour in some fuel treatment. Prevent an extra trip to the NCT centre and let us make sure the emissions are spot on.